Junior Interns Nigeria is an internship program that seeks to support high school students in Nigeria by placing them in companies as internships and volunteers.

Junior Interns Nigeria is designed to address Nigeria’s high unemployment and unemployable issue by addressing early youth education. It increases the economic opportunity for students to enhance their career choice and value development by introducing them early on to the job market and equipping them with requisite skills.

The primary objective of this project is to expose secondary school students to the multiple career paths that exist in other for their aspiration to be properly guided and their choices substantiated by real experiences.

The internship program is designed for students in JSS 3 to SS2. It is undertaken during the third term holiday (August 1st -31st) for a period of four weeks.

  • Career counselling
  • Internship search website
  • Online courses
Start Date

July 2019

Funding Gap


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